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Oxymol Epoxy Plastizers
Oxymol Epoxy Plastizers
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Oxymoll Epoxidised Soyabean Oil
Oxymoll ESBO is a vegetable oil-based light coloured secondary plasticizer.

Use of OXYMOLL Epoxy plasticizers in the processing of many polymers, particularly PVC is well recognized. Epoxidised compounds are able to link hydrogen chloride gas evolved during decomposition of PVC to form a neutral compound of high stability and hence have a stabilizing action in PVC and other chlorine containing polymers.

As a co-plasticizer with conventional phthalate plasticizers, it imparts lower volatility and better resistance to migration and extraction by fats, oils and soapy water.

It improves the heat and light stability besides weatherbility obtained with conventional stabilizer systems. It acts synergistically with metallic stabilizers like organo tin, barium/cadmium, calcium zinc or barium zinc.


Use of Oxymoll ESBO is recommended in PVC compositions for

  • Extrusion
  • Calendering Coating
  • Injection Moulding
  • Slush Moulding
  • Dipping
  • Blow Moulding etc.


In Rigid PVC Composition
Oxymoll ESBO can be used as a co-stabilising internal lubricant

In Chorinated Paraffins
Irrespective of their chlorine content, chlorinated paraffins have a tendency to deteriorate due to decomposition in the
presence of heat and light. Consequently, the presence of Oxymoll ESBO oil in the product helps stabilization and
minimizes the effect.

In Coating Formulations
Oxymoll ESBO is compatible with a variety of surface coating materials like PVC, PVA, nitro cellulose, chlorinated rubber etc. Being an acid acceptor, it imparts stability to coating formulations besides better resistance to extraction by soap, detergent and salt solutions. It also imparts resistance to migration compared to conventional plasticizers in surface coating formulations.
In addition, Oxymoll ESBO improves adhesion, toughness, gloss and chemical resistance of the film.

Recommended Dosage

Plasticised PVC
In general, Oxymoll ESBO is used at a concentration of 2-5 PHR. Approximately 10% of the Plasticizer content has proved
to give good results.

Rigid PVC
Recommended concentration is 1-3 PHR

Chlorinated Paraffins
Depending on the chlorine content of chlorinated paraffins, efficient stabilization is achieved at 3 -5 %. Generally higher
the chlorine content, higher should be the dosage of Oxymoll ESBO.

Standard Packing
In Plastic/M.S. Drums of 200kg net.

Storage Instructions

  • Drums should be kept in dry conditions and exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
  • Drums should be tightly resealed after use. Prolonged storage conditions do not in any way change the stabilising as well as plasticizing efficacy of Oxymoll ESBO.

Being non-corrosive in nature, spillage of Oxymoll ESBO on the floor or human hands does not cause any specific problems. Normal wash with soap or detergent with plenty of water would be adequate

Being manufactured from vegetable oil, Oxymoll ESBO is generally regarded as non-toxic. However, users should carry out their own tests on end products before using in articles coming in contact with food stuffs, beverages etc. to ensure conformity to relevant standards.

Quality Assurance
Each batch of Oxymoll is manufactured under strict quality control by expert technicians. All raw materials and finished products are tested for all parameters in the laboratory and a test report is provided with all dispatches.



spacer Oxymoll 620 Oxymoll 650
Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Colour Pale Yellow Pale Yellow
Specific Gravity @ 27° C 0.99gm/cc ± 0.02 0.99gm/cc ± 0.02
Viscosity, Ford Cup B4 @ 27° C 130 secs ± 5 sec 130 secs ± 5 sec
Oxirane Oxygen 6.2% ± 0.1 6.5% ± 0.1
Acid Value mgm NaOH/gm 1.0 0.8
Iodine Value gm/100gm 5max 3max
Moisture + Volatiles 0.1max 0.1max
Volatile Loss (%) at 130° C for 3 hrs 0.2max 0.2max
Stability at 150°C for 2 hrs Pale yellow Pale yellow
Refractive Index@ 27° C 1.470-1.475 1.470-1.475



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