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PRODUCT RANGE ...Rigid Reinforced PVC Flexible Suction & Delivery Hoses (Heavy Duty)

Billion PVC Flexible Heavy Duty Suction Hoses are designed incorporating a rigid PVC spiral as an integral part of the soft PVC wall. The anti-shock rigid spiral imparts superior crush resistance to the hose. They are manufactured on our state of the art plant and machinery using specially formulated PVC compounds.

We have developed the Heavy Duty Suction Hose for specific properties and applications of vigorous suction and delivery work in challenging service conditions.

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Bullet The perfect reinforcement of rigid PVC with soft PVC gives it both, strength and flexibility.
Bullet It is tough, light and easy to carry and handle thus increasing working efficiency.
Bullet Has high resistance to crushing and kinking thereby more durable and long lasting.
Bullet Excellent resistance to high pressure and can withstand vacuum also.
Bullet Good resistance to saline water, light acids, alkalis and other chemicals except solvents.
Bullet Smooth inside surface helps in reducing the frictional resistance resulting in smooth and quick conveyance of material, thereby increasing the flow volume saving electric energy of pumps and engines.
Bullet Easy to install without joints since hoses available in 30 meters length. Elimination of joints further keeps the inner surface free of obstruction.


  • In Coal and Mineral Mines
  • In Civil Construction for Conveying Cement, Stone and Lime Quarries.
  • For Sewage Disposal
  • In Chemical Industries
  • For Petrochemicals and Oil Exploration
  • For Fire Fighting Equipments
  • Aquaculture
  • Paper mills
  • Shipping
  • Fisheries
  • Constructional Engineering
  • General Industrial Service

Storage Instructions

  1. Always lay coils flat and not upright
  2. Coils should be piled evenly, limiting the height to a maximum of 4 feet (1.1 meter)
  3. Do not put larger coils above the smaller ones.

Instructions for use
Do not allow the hose to be bent beyond its bending radius. This is liable to result in restriction of flow and also failure of hose. Do not force metallic couplings on to the hose. Follow the recommended installation procedure for couplings and foot valves.


  • Billion Heavy Duty Hoses are available in sizes ranging from inside diameter 25 mm to 250 mm.
  • Standard colour is grey.
  • Can be manufactured in green colour or for antistatic and cold resistant property against specific order.
Inside Diameter Wall Thichness Bending Radius Working Pressure Standard Length Standard Packaging
mm Inch (mm) (mm) (kg/cm 2) (meter) (Rolls)
25 1 3.2 125 6.0 30 5
32 1 1 /4 4.0 150 6.0 30 4
38 1 1 /2 4.2 200 5.0 30 3
50 2 4.8 225 5.0 30 2
63 2 1 /2 5.5 300 5.0 30 1
75 3 5.7 325 4.5 30 1
100 4 7.2 425 3.5 30 1
125 5 9.5 625 3.5 15 1
155 6 10.0 750 2.5 15 1
200 8 10.5 800 2.5 6 1
250 10 11.2 1150 2.5 6 1
  • Tolerance in ID ± 2% Working Pressure based on Safety Factor 4:1 at 25°C
  • Recommended Maximum Temperature 60°C


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